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Love as a Source of Strength and Joy for Special Needs Families

Avaz AACValentine’s Day is upon us. 

A day to celebrate love – because it is truly what makes the world go round. Special needs families derive strength from the unconditional love they have for their family members. Love comforts and reassures. It invigorates them as they navigate life’s various challenges. It is the profundity of love that helps in appreciating the small pleasures of life despite the struggles.

With school projects, therapy appointments and other responsibilities consuming your time, you may not have been able to tell your child how much they mean to you. Not just heart shaped balloons, chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, and gifts – there are several ways to show love to people you care about. Here are a few more thoughtful ways to express your love:

Handwritten Notes

Special needs children may need reassurance and support from family members to deal with their challenges. The more they know how loved they are, the better it is for their confidence. Consider doing a little extra as a family this Valentine’s day, besides the daily ‘I love you’s.

Get together as a family and write handwritten notes for each other. No need to worry too much about the choice of words or language proficiency. Simple words suffice to express gratitude and affection. During this activity, you can encourage the child to participate by expressing their love in whichever way they communicate best – be it sign language, a hug, or using their AAC system.

Whip Up a Treat Together

Know your way around the kitchen? Well, then it’s time to put your apron on and get baking. What can profess true love more than home baked cookies or warm scrumptious brownies? Bake something as a family. Each member can pitch in with one aspect of the prep. And children love mixing batter and cutting out cookies. And decorating the baked goods is a fun activity too! Personalize the treats by writing sweet messages with icing or snazz it all up with some frosting & sprinkles 🙂 

Get Crafty

DIY gifts are not only easy to make but are easy on your wallet. They also are an excellent way to engage your children in an exciting activity. So get out the glue stick, coloured markers, crayons, glitter and your craft box to create something spectacular together. 

Do Their Favourite Activity

If your child has an activity that they’ve been pestering you for a while to indulge in, Valentine’s day is the best time to do it. Whether it’s reading their favourite fiction or building a lego toy, there can be nothing more that can delight your child than doing it with you. Watch their favourite movie together or play pictionary, charades, or board games for some family fun.

Take a Nature Walk

Want to make of the pleasant weather? Go on a nature walk with your family. Research suggests that group nature walks promote social interactions and also relieves stress and anxiety. Your child can also learn about biology and geography during these walks. So, ditch the indoors on Valentine’s day and spend time with nature by watching birds and trees. 

Avaz Inc. is grateful for all the love you have continued to shower us with. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day. May all your days be filled with love, light and loads of laughter. 

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