AAC Awareness Discount (Extended)

When you ask, we LISTEN!
And now we have GREAT NEWS!!!! 

Thanks to your requests, we are excited to extend our 50% discount until October 31, 2020!

We sincerely hope that this discount benefits more families and schools that are looking for AAC and learning solutions for communicators during these trying times. 

Note: The table has been modified to reflect regular prices with a 10% discount

All our products are also available for purchase from the Apple App Store and Play Store

Learn more about our assistive technology products that empowers users through communication and learning.

* Please note that the discounted prices mentioned below are for the Lifetime purchase of Avaz AAC, MDA Avaz Reader, and Avaz FreeSpeech apps.

Help us Spread the Word

Share this news with loved ones who have been waiting to buy one of our products. Tell that teacher friend of yours who has been eyeing our products for her school.


Our Support team is here to assist! Reach us 24×7 at support@avazapp.com

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