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Customizing Avaz – Setting up Avaz for Your Child’s Unique Needs

We are so happy with this app as it’s so user-friendly. With AVAZ everything is so simple. To change from one level to another it’s just a click of a button and parents or professionals do not need to do much. Just input a few settings and there you go!

— Charmaine, Special Ed. Teacher from Malta

Every child is unique. Each child has different cognitive, sensory, visual and motor needs.

Furthermore, when it comes to communication, each child learns to communicate at a different pace. They might have a different style of learning and so on.

Keeping all this in mind, Avaz has been created with a range of settings to cater to these varying needs. You can mix and match a variety of these settings to make Avaz work effectively for your child.

Watch the video below to know what are the various customization features in Avaz and how you can use them to “create” the Avaz App that works best for your child’s needs –

Pro Tip

Hiding app items irrelevant for your child reduces potential distractions. One way of doing this is to rearrange folders according to your child’s requirement.

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Happy Communicating!