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Avaz Joyful Reading

Avaz Joyful Reading strategies

We have put together a joyful reading kit with resources to get you started with shared reading. Read a story together with your child and help them build vocabulary and reading skills. Shared reading is a simple and delightful way to pick up language and communication skills as you take learners on an exciting journey with awe-inspiring characters inhabiting fascinating worlds.

The Avaz Joyful Reading Kit designed to enable parents and teachers to use it with different types of learners.

What’s Included in the Reading Kit:

  1. A riveting children’s story in PDF format with words highlighted for modelling
  2. Interactions – Suggested questions and comments to encourage child’s interaction
  3. Strategy for shared reading
  4. Shared Reading Instructions for Avaz Reader
  5. Printable Communication board with relevant set of core words
  6. Printable Communication board with story-related vocabulary