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The comprehensive AAC course you’ve been waiting for is here!! Avaz Inc. presents ‘AAC implementation using Avaz’, an online certification course covering everything that you need to know for successful AAC implementation. Avaz has been at the forefront of introducing Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems in the country with more than 10 years of experience in the field of assistive technology. Get the best training from the course designed to enable professionals to become AAC experts. Enroll now and support the communication of individuals with speech and language difficulties by becoming an Avaz Certified AAC Professional!

Why Become an Avaz Certified AAC Professional?

Hands-On Instruction

Implementation Ideas with examples and practical demonstrations

Avaz Training

Demo of key features of Avaz and how to set it up & personalize for the child’s individual needs

Free Avaz License

Participants with full attendance and a score of above 80% on all quizzes get a free Annual Avaz subscription worth Rs.3000

Connect with Users

Gain more visibility by getting listed on our webpage. Certified AAC Professionals contacts will be shared with all Avaz users on app download.

About the ‘AAC Implementation with Avaz’ Course

Start Date

To Be Determined

Total Duration

8 hours

(4 modules in 4 weeks) via Zoom

Each module has two sessions covering two related topics

Each session duration is 1 hour

Course Fee

  • Registrations Closed for First Batch
  • INR 15,999
  • Special pricing 
  • Bulk booking as a group of 5+ professionals – additional 5% discount 

Call us at +91-6379905790 for more details

Anjana Sathyabodha MSc (AIISH), NLP practitioner (ABNLP)
Speech Language Pathologist

Anjana holds a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from AIISH, Mysore University and an international certificate (UK) in SEN (Special Education Needs), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and Yoga & mindfulness for Autism & ADHD (Special Yoga Foundation, London). She is currently based in the UK and works as an independent Tele-SLP. She has national and international work experience in the SEN field for over 12 years.

The course content has been developed by Anjana based on her vast experience of AAC implementation and SLP Practice in collaboration with Team Avaz

  • Avaz Certified AAC Professional (ACAP) will be awarded on successful completion of the course 
  • Requirements for certification
    • Completion of a quiz with above 80% marks
    • Completion of Avaz assignment given at the end of the course
    • Attendance is mandatory (except for unavoidable emergencies)

Quiz and Assignment

  • An online quiz after each module to be taken within a week of completion of the module, and before the start of the next module
  • If participant does not achieve minimum marks for qualifying, they can re-take the quiz 
  • The recorded session will be available for the student to view again if required, through the duration of the course.

If you are passionate about giving the best communication support to your client through adoption of world class assistive technology, this course is for you. Eligible participants include, but not limited to the following professionals.
(Please note that professionals new to Avaz and AAC are welcome to enroll)

  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Audiologists

Detailed Course Syllabus

Understanding AAC (2 hours)

Session 1: Intro to AAC and Avaz as an AAC tool

  • Impact of communication challenges
  • AAC – What is AAC, Types of AAC and Access Methods
  • Myths & Facts of AAC
  • Mindset barriers regarding AAC

Session 2: Understanding Core words for developing Communicative functions

  • Goal of AAC
  • SNUG – Spontaneous Novel Utterance Generation 
  • Understanding Vocabulary: Core & Fringe words·  Using Core words for Communicative functions

Introducing AAC using Avaz (2 hours)

Session1: Starting with Avaz 

Avaz features demo

  • Setting up Avaz to suit user’s needs – visual, hearing, motor & language 
  • Personalising Avaz for user’s interests and environment 
  • How to backup Avaz and share content

Session2: Starting with Implementing AAC

  • Starting with AAC – What, Who, Where, When & How?
  • Understanding Aided Language Stimulation
  • Babbling with AAC & Attributing Meaning
  • Implementation Barriers-common questions & challenges

Strategies for developing language and communication (2 hours)

Session 1: Key strategies for effective AAC implementation

  • Modelling – importance of modelling, how to model, benefits of modelling, best practices
  • ·  Prompting – Prompting hierarchy, how to prompt, fading prompts to make the user independent, best practices

Session 2 : More strategies for developing language and communication

  • Communicative temptations to motivate communication
  • Strategies to build language -self-talk, parallel talk, expansion etc.
  • A step-by-step AAC implementation guide

AAC Literacy and Tele-practice (2 hours)

Session 1: AAC and Literacy

  • Why is literacy important for AAC users?
  • Shared Reading, Shared Writing, Predictable chart writing·  Transitioning strategies from pictures (symbols) to keyboard (text)

Session 2: Setting up Tele-practice

  • How to do Assessment, setting up goals, creating lesson plans 
  • Ideas for activities based on child’s interests
  • Monitoring and tracking child’s progress
  • Tele-AAC implementation ideas

Got Questions? Here are the answers


The course will include several practical demos of Avaz features. So, please install a free 14-day trial version of Avaz from the app store/ play store. Once the course begins, we will extend the validity of your Avaz app so that it’s active for the entire duration of the course.

Please ensure you use the SAME email id and phone number as you have entered in the course registration form.

To download Avaz app:

For Android users click here –
For iPad users click here –

Q&A sessions

  • There is a 10-15 mins Q&A at the end of each session
  • Each session includes 45 mins presentation on the topic + 15 mins Q&A 

This course covers all fundamentals of AAC and walks you through all Avaz features.
So, You are welcome to grow your AAC and Avaz expertise through this course.

  • There is an online quiz after each module
  • Quiz is to be taken within a week of completion of the module, and before the start of the next module
  • If a student does not achieve minimum marks for qualifying, they can re-take the quiz 
  • The recorded session will be available for the student to view again if required, through the duration of the course.
  • The recorded webinar will be made available to participants (only) within 48 hours of the session
  • All participants get limited-time access to the recorded webinar until the end of the course so that they can review the topics.

Cancellation policy

  • 72 hours or more before Feb 13 – Full refund
  • Within 72 hours of Feb 13 – 50% refund 
  • From the date of the course commencement, there is strictly no refund
    • You can join the course at a later time to continue and complete the course
    • You will be given access to the course content and watch the videos 


Attendance for Live course sessions is mandatory unless due to unavoidable circumstances.

Here’s the checklist for course particpation:

  • Registration and Payment
  • Download Free Trial Version of Avaz on Your Device
  • A device with stable internet to connect via Zoom
  • Clear Audio for participation in Q&A Sessions

Write to or call us at +91-6379905790 for any queries related to the course. Help is just a click or call away.

Terms and Conditions

Here’s the fine print of the terms and conditions for your reference:

Certification: Certification will be provided to all participants who successfully complete the course satisfying the following conditions:

1. Full Attendance
2. A score of 80% and above in all the quizzes
3. Completion of the assignment given at the end of the course

The certificate is valid for three years, after which it needs to be renewed. Please note that as an introductory offer, the renewal fee has been waived for you. Please note that any further renewals after the first one will be charged as determined by Avaz Inc at that time. 

Attendance: Attendance for all 8 sessions is mandatory. 

Quiz: Completing the quiz by Tuesday of the following week is mandatory. A score of 80% and above is required for certification. In case your score is less, please retake the quiz before the deadline.

Avaz Subscription: An Avaz subscription with a validity of one year will be handed out to all Avaz Certified AAC Professionals at the end of the course. 

Please note that the certificate and the free Avaz license will no longer be valid for anyone found to have shared incorrect information or involved in malpractices of any kind. Avaz Inc. holds the right to revoke the license and certification and remove anybody’s name from the list of Avaz Certified AAC Professionals on our website.

Avaz Inc. is the owner of all the course content. Sharing it with others is a violation of copyright law and strictly prohibited.