One of the most exciting features we're working on for Avaz is Avaz FreeSpeech.

Almost all picture-based AAC systems allow children to represent words with pictures, helping kids develop vocabulary. Avaz FreeSpeech is a visual way for kids to put words together and form sentences, helping them develop language. Avaz FreeSpeech will change the way you look at, and work with, language. Check out Ajit's TED talk to learn more about it.

FreeSpeech is a way of representing ideas visually, and a way of converting the representation into perfectly grammatical, meaningful English (or any other language). Instead of stringing words together as sentences, you can use FreeSpeech to create maps of images, to represent ideas in a completely language-independent way.

FreeSpeech Demo

Here's a brief demo of how Avaz FreeSpeech works.

Each picture-word in the app has different parts coded in different colors. Touching and dragging a particular color asks a question, which is attached to the appropriate answer. The FreeSpeech Engine continuously translates the FreeSpeech network into English. You can add filters from the filter menu for specifying tense, aspect, number and negation.

*Patent pending.

Avaz and Freespeech

Our current plan is to launch a FreeSpeech-enabled version of Avaz by December 2014.

Because Avaz FreeSpeech is potentially a revolution in AAC, we want to ensure it goes through scientific validation and trials before we introduce it in the market. Currently, we are working on this with two of the most reputed special-needs schools in India - Vidyasagar (formerly Spastics Society of India, Chennai) and SPASTN (Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu).

We welcome research collaborations with institutions around the world to scientifically assess Avaz FreeSpeech and contribute to its development. If you are a researcher working with children with special needs and would like to have access to FreeSpeech for research purposes, please contact us at for more information.

If you have questions about FreeSpeech, check out our FAQ or tweet us @avazapp.

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